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RummanTech for Business Solutions is a software and marketing company based in Amman that is specialized in Web Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, Branding, Business Structuring, Graphic Design, Online Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting Content Development, Video Production, Motion Graphics Animation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Communication and Marketing Strategy, in order to assist you to create and implement successful marketing strategies. This often begins with marketing research to understand what is and is not working in the current marketing plan, followed by demographic research to create a complete ideal customer profile. We can show you the roadmap for introducing and delivering your product or service to potential customers. It does not have to be long, and it does not have to cost a lot of money to complete, but it will take some research and effort.


To be the largest software development and digital marketing group, by Delivering result-oriented brand that enhance our partner’s awareness, improve their sales and foster their growth.


Our Mission is simple as we deeply care about client success. Growing revenue and profit is what we love to do, and we do it well, by providing technology-driven, results-oriented strategies aimed at increasing market share, through our talented, professional, expert, and creative team.

RummanTech Methodologies

Methodologies We Use:

  • 01 Agile Methodology

    The Agile Manifesto outlines four core values engineered for better Agile Software Development. We adhere to these core values, delivering solutions that blossom through cross-functional team collaboration and customized application.

  • Clean code is code that other developers can easily read, understand, and add to. It’s easy to write code that just the machine will understand or code that just you understand, but that proves problematic in the long run.

  • Display advertising is a type of online advertising that comes in several forms, including banner ads, rich media and more.

  • Search marketing is the process of improving the visibility or ranking of a brand, web page, product, App, plugin or service in search results (pages) in search engines, social media sites (like YouTube), e-commerce platforms, App stores, etc.

  • A brand identity is how the organization communicates its personality, tone and essence, as well as memories, emotions and experiences.



E-commerce Solutions & Integrations
Software Redesign and UI/UX Enhancement
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Communication & Marketing Strategy


How We Can Help Your Business Grow.

Web Design & Development

We will build your website design to be simple, with clearly defined goals, a strong purpose, and an intuitive screen interface.

Mobile Application Development

Our mobile developers and designers have experience developing for all platforms – Android, iOS, and Hybrid apps.

Search Engine Optimization

Increasing numbers of website visitors by getting the site to appear high on results returned by a search engine.

Corporate Identity & Copyright

Tell us your story and what you want to deliver to your customer, then leave it to us. We will craft it professionally in every way possible to reflect your desired uniqueness.

Creative Design & Conception

This is where you educate us about your product, Your services, and what makes you a different company.

Strategic Planning & Brand Management

Helping you maximize your business effectiveness while minimizing the time and money required to achieve your goal.

Digital & Social-Media Platform Management

We will develop strategies for each social media platform. Your pages will have optimized content and the target will focus on the appropriate communities, helping you reach and achieve your business growth.

Media Production

Make your advertising campaign stand out in the face of overcrowded ads and strong competition or start creating your own content right away. Whatever the workload, our professional team is ready.

Influancer Marketing

Driven by data analysts and campaign strategists, we accomplish successful results with high-end Influencers and authentic collaboration with the passion for your product.


At RummanTech, we design for humans. We recognize that the end goal of all technology and design is to make something useful for people.




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