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At Rumman, we are dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and driving innovation through strategically designed programs. With a commitment to excellence, we operate Entrepreneur and Innovation Programs that provide invaluable support to startups and innovators. Our signature initiative, MVP TechBoost, is geared towards accelerating the development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). With a proven track record of successfully building over 10 MVPs, we offer dedicated technology support to ensure a robust foundation for market success. Beyond this, we pride ourselves on fostering innovation through strategic investments in diverse startups over the past four years. Now, we are actively amplifying our impact by running programs, incubators, and accelerators, contributing to the success and growth of these ventures. At Rumman, we believe in turning visions into reality and propelling entrepreneurs towards sustainable success.

Operates Entrepreneur And
Innovation Programs

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MVP TechBoost

Accelerate your MVP's development with dedicated technology support, ensuring a robust foundation for market success. With a track record of building more than 10 MVPs, trust us to bring your vision to life.

Fostering Innovation Through
Strategic Startup Investments

In the last four years, we've strategically invested in diverse startups to foster growth. Now, we're amplifying our impact by running programs, incubators, and accelerators—actively contributing to the success of these ventures.

Our Vision

At Rumman, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to pioneering entrepreneurship and innovation. Our vision is to be recognized as a global force that empowers visionary leaders and transforms groundbreaking ideas into sustainable ventures. With a focus on excellence, collaboration, and strategic support, we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business to provide unparalleled services. Through Entrepreneur and Innovation Programs, such as our flagship initiative MVP TechBoost, we propel startups towards market success by offering dedicated technology support. Our strategic investments in diverse startups over the past four years underscore our dedication to fostering innovation. At Rumman, we believe in shaping the future of entrepreneurship, one innovative idea at a time, and remain unwavering in our commitment to driving transformative change in the business world.

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  • Stimulate economic growth.
  • Create jobs
  • Foster innovation
  • Drive innovation and growth.
  • Access talent.
  • Expand into new markets.

Startups &

  • Innovation Problem Solving.
  • Business Model Can Be Funded
  • Sustainable and Profitable Future Company.


  • Operates entrepreneur and innovation programs.
  • Provides technology support for MVP development